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When life throws curveballs your way, you deserve a strong advocate in Wyoming.

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Legal matters are scary and overwhelming. You need the assistance of a strong advocate who won’t back down until you get the outcome you are entitled to.

Cassie treats her clients like family. To her, being an attorney is about far more than a “billable hour.” It is about fairness, justice, and equality. Whether you are taking on a former employer, the State, or your neighbor – you deserve a champion with the experience and “know-how” to see your case through.

No case is too complicated for Cassie. She will walk through procedures, explain proceedings and advise you every step of the way to protect your rights.

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Cassie Craven became an attorney to help people. Growing up in rural Nebraska instilled a positive and fighting spirit within her. Winning multiple criminal acquittals ranging from murders to burglary, Cassie is not afraid of a fight.

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The interests and goals of her clients are always at the forefront, and she is committed to communication and accessibility, including text messages and FaceTime that no other law firm offers. She also engages in lobbying and political strategies.

She represents clients in all forms of litigation ranging from business and land disputes, contracts, construction claims, employment lawsuits and misdemeanor and felony criminal matters. As a former prosecutor and now civil litigator and criminal defense attorney, Cassie brings a perspective and experience that is second to none.

We serve clients all across Wyoming

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